If you’re a college student, you’ve probably consumed RedBull, Monster, or five hour energy at some point.

According to the National Coffee Association, in 2006 about 68% of Americans said they were addicted to coffee. A statistic like this makes us ask the question: Are we an over-caffeinated population?

There are a lot of benefits to energy drinks, but also lots of downfalls. On college campuses the intake of caffeine is high; students rely on caffeine-laced energy drinks and coffee to make it through long days of classes, or to pull all-nighters.

Lets look at the pros of energy drinks: It can provide the body with quick energy, which is sometimes essential on long school days. Sometimes people who drink caffeine have an increased mental alertness. Also, energy drinks can sometimes give the body nourishment- a lot of the time there are healthy vitamins in them that are great for the body. Lastly, the drinks can improve metabolism, which can increase weight loss.

As for the cons of these popular energy drinks: They can lead to heart attacks, seizures, dehydration, diabetes, and in some cases death.

It is not completely horrible to consume energy drinks every now and then, but definitely make sure to do the research on them before drinking them; some may be more harmful than others.

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A Different Kind of Milkshake

Watch this youtuber make a milkshake out of some very interesting ingredients. Try to re-make the milkshake if you dare. Or, make a different version of the milkshake using a variety of fruits and icecream! It’s good to have something yummy and sweet every now and then!

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Shed More Pounds By Sleeping

I used to be the type of person that would rather stay up all night browsng the Internet than sleeping. Now that I’ve discovered how great sleep is, there’s really no going back. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and always feel the benefits of a good night’s sleep in the morning. I wake up looking and feeling noticeably different.

Sleep is etremely important. It’s something we all need, but it can sometimes it can be difficult to get enough sleep every night. At least 7 hours of sleep per night will allow your body to function properly, and believe it or not, it could result in weight loss. According to psychologytoday.com, less than 7 hours a night of sleep  causes the body to produce less leptin hormones, which results in an increase in appetite. In addition, more sleep causes the body to produce hormones that help the immune system to fight infections. A combination of good sleeping and eating habits can help to improve performance in work and school.

If insomnia is the cause of your lack of sleep everynight, there are definitely some steps that you can take to cure this. One way is to simly practice healthy sleeping patterns. Make sure that you get to bed at a decent time every night, and wake up around the same time each morning, to allow your body to become accustomed to a specific sleep pattern. Also, although we all love daytime naps, this can often be a cause of restlessness and insomnia during the night. Another great trick that can help to cure your insomnia is light music. Many times when I listen to slow, calming music, I fall asleep more quickly at night.

Here’s a link to some great sleep music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asg8XMzOvCE Enjoy!


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Get More Out Of Your Ramen

Every college student has eaten Ramen noodles at one point or another. They are cheap, filling, and easy to make. However, they are not the most healthy food in the world, especially when you are eating them  for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as many college students do. Though they contain no cholesterol or sugar, each pack of Machuran Ramen Noodles is about 190 calories per serving (there are two servings per pack), and extremely high in sodium.

There are several steps that you can take to make Ramen more healthy for you. By adding your favorite vegetables, and/or diced chicken or some other kind of lean meat to the noodles, you will transform the noodles into a more substantial and nutritious meal. These additions will also fill the meal with more vitamins and protein, which is always a plus.

Also, another tip is to add less of the flavor that comes with the noodles. The less flavor that you add, the less sodium you ingest!

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Not All Juices Are Nutritious!

The Blank Shots- That One Song You Heard At The Basement of The Party You Went To That One Time.

If you’re a college student, you’ve probably been to a house party or two. They’re a popular alternative to going to a club,or bar, especially for those of us who are not of age. There are lots of local bands that play at these parties, making attending them a great way to discover new music.

Usually, a mysterious alcoholic beverage called “Jungle Juice” are served at these parties. I call the drink mysterious because along with alcohol, it is filled with juice, fruit, and who-knows-what else.

So, the tip of the week? Enjoy good music, but also be careful of the Jungle Juice!

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

One of my favorite things to order at Starbucks used to be their delicious Lemon Loaf pound cake. It’s moist, soft, and sweet with just the right amount of lemoney tanginess. Last year, out of curiousity, I decided to ask how many calories the yummy dessert was. I knew something that tasted so good could not possibly be good for me-it usually works that way. I was astounded, though when I learned that the relatively small slices of pound cake are 490 calories each! I used to eat a slice of  the lemon loaf on a daily basis, but after learning this definitely cut back drastically. Eating just one lemon loaf is like eating a McDonald’s Big Mac burger (about 500 calories).

So the next time you go to the Starbucks oh-so-conveniently located on the Fredonia campus, think twice before ordering that lemon loaf!

Read more on the nutrition of the lemon loaf here:  http://www.starbucks.com/menu/food/bakery/iced-lemon-pound-cake?foodZone=9999

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Tip of the Week

According to studies, just 30 minutes of walking per day can drastically affect your life. Thirty minutes of walking each day can prevent weight gain, and also prevent the risk of heart disease. In an experiment involving overweight men and women ranging in age from 40-65, results showed that they lost weight over an 8-month period just by walking or running for 12 miles/wk (the equivalent of about 30 minutes/day).

Working out does not always have to be strenuous and intense. You don’t even have to go to the gym for this! So, make the extra effort to walk more. Instead of taking the Park and Ride bus from your parking spot, why not walk to where you need to go on campus? The weather is beautiful, which is one more great reason to go outside, and get moving!

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