Thoughts On Campus Food

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    Most of the kids I hear on my university campus always complain about not having food choices that are healthy…
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    There’s not much that I wouldn’t do if someone would bring me food from off campus
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    I want some Bojangles or subway not really feeling campus food today
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    #HighPointU lost 27 pounds since spring term started…cuz i didn’t eat campus food once I just cooked in my room
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    @davidb910 This campus food sucks, but I try to just watch what I eat now. sometimess lol
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    I can’t wait to live off campus next semester… I can cook real food instead of this caf crap..
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    @ItsChrisBaby_09 i want some…tired of this campus food
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    i hate college campus food… ever since i ate, i feel sick as fuck.
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    @Sthrnproblems Ugh. I’m living on campus right now… Just drove off campus for food because I’m tired of the cafeteria. 😛 haha.
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    Soooo what I’m tired of campus food and have been craving pancakes for weeks
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